• Marion
  • Malcolm
  • Phil
Both Deborah and myself have been clients since April/May 2011. We have been impressed with the support and service both at the broad level through the “Claringbold Monthly Bulletin’s” and at the personal level through timely answering of emails and phone calls. We are very comfortable with the financial advice that has been given and encouragingly our financial position is substantially in the black over the prior 5 years, compared with the previous financial advisor’s performance. Trust is our top satisfier. We have complete confidence that Rex recommends diversified investments that have been well researched. We would be comfortable to recommend Rex to relatives and friends because from our experience we know that he would spend the time with them to work through what they ‘need’ in the way of financial advice and follow through with regular reviews.
  • Graeme & Deborah
We have been a client of Rex’s for about 5 years. They are always there to answer any questions/problems we may have and it’s never been an issue or an inconvenience. We are very happy with the financial advice and feel very secure in where our money has been invested and the returns we are receiving. Claringbold Financial Services has helped us to live the life we wanted when we retired and continues to do so. When we meet with Rex a couple of times a year to discuss our portfolio, it’s always been a very friendly and welcoming environment to be able to discuss our future needs in. We’d be very happy to refer friends or relatives to Rex, and have already done so, because of the trust we have in him as our financial adviser and all the help he has given us in the last 5 years to be happily retired.
  • Bev & Geoff
I have been a client of Claringbold Financial Services for 15+ years. The support & service I have received in that time is over and above expectations. Since having the financial advice, my family & myself have had peace of mind that our finances are well looked after.Nothing is ever to much too ask. I have always had quick and concise responses to any queries I may have had. We’d would be happy to refer friends and family to Rex, and have done so. Financial peace of mind is immeasurable and I wish others to have the same benefit.
  • Kaye V
We’ve been clients of Claringbold Financial Services for 15 ½ years. The support and service has been extremely good in this time. They’re always available to answer questions and attend to any requirements. Prior to moving to CFS, we had little understanding of our retirement finances. Very clear now and they’re always up to date with information. We would be happy to refer people to CFS and Rex, and have already done so. We can trust the integrity of the company and feel we are in good hands.
  • Gleyns & Terry
I’ve been a client of Claringbold Financial Services for four years, since July 2012. Over this time they have provided a personal service that is professional, committed, reliable and knowledgeable. Rex, Debbie and the team provide me with up to date information and reasons why I should select the financial pathway that suits my circumstances and I have comfort in the knowledge that my financial position is being constantly monitored and reviewed. I have referred friends and relatives to Claringbold Financial Services. I’m confident that Rex and the team would provide expert financial planning information to suit their requirements.
  • Ron B
I am deeply appreciative of all the work you have done for me over the years. As I am a lot more confident (thanks to you) and am getting closer to 65.
  • Dale B
We’ve been clients since November 2010 and are very happy with the service that we receive. Easy access for any queries that we have, regular six monthly review of our investments and recommended changes are fully explained. Since we’ve been with Claringbold Financial Services we feel more secure and have greater confidence in the way our finances are being administered, and knowing that our dealings with Centrelink are being looked after. We’re happy to refer friends because we’ve been very happy with the service we receive and the professional manner of the staff.
  • Keith & Carol P
Rex takes the time to explore all financial issues in detail, explain each one through a variety of mechanisms e.g. regular newsletters, emails, in depth personal financial reports, face to face discussions and suggest practical applications to resolve day to day requirements and any issues that may arise. These are carried out together. Nothing is unexpected-no nasty surprises! Reassuring in a volatile financial climate.
  • Pam M
We have been a client of BDS Financial Planning for over twenty years. The ongoing support and service we have received has been excellent. We have always felt that BDS Financial Planning has offered us the best advice and security in relation to all our financial needs and requests. We’ve always been able speak directly to our adviser for whatever reason we have needed to and the BDS team have always been friendly, honest, polite and easy to communicate with.
  • Frank & Ann
We have been clients since 2013 and have always found the support and service to be of the highest standard. Since we have been with BDS we feel very secure with the advice given and would feel very confident in recommending BDS to friends and family.
  • Peter & Rhana
We first started with BDS Financial Planning in 2010. The financial security we have continues to grow and we are confident as we move forward. We have an incredible relationship with both Rex and Debbie and the professional approach of the team make communication easy.
  • Paul & Wendy