Self-Managed Superannuation


We provide superior customer support by managing your superannuation funds with the utmost care while guiding you to success in your investment decisions. With a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), you have the control over what you are investing in and when. Our team can assist with the set up and ongoing management of these accounts so you are able to consistently see the growth results of your investments without the hassle of the administrative maintenance. Our advisers are here to provide expert advice on investment recommendations as well as guidance on regulatory requirements that accompany this type of fund.


SMSF Common Mistakes

Establishing a self-managed super fund has become very popular over recent years, and involves you managing your own fund.You are a Trustee of the fund and are responsible for the ongoing management of your fund, including:

  • documenting the fund’s investment strategy
  • making and managing the fund’s investments underlying to that investment strategy
  • administering the fund, including day to day activities of the fund and the lodging of tax returns for the fund.

Many people establish self-managed super funds to gain access to a broader range of investment options not available in other superannuation funds, including shares, collectables and certain direct property investments (Refer to the Investments module in our Knowledge Centre for more details on investments information). It’s important to understand that self-managed super funds can be a very complex area. For more information, please contact us or visit our Knowledge Centre.

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