What's been keeping us busy - Lockdown 4.0

With another Melbourne lockdown happening, we thought we would share our at-home projects again. Everyone seemed to really enjoy finding out what we had been up to in our down time last time!

This time around, lockdown feels a little different. People are putting less pressure on themselves to “make the most of this time at home” or have a “successful” lockdown. It’s now less about sourdough starters and learning a new hobby, and more about doing small things that make you happy, and celebrating the small wins in every day. And by now, Melbournians are experts at this. So we’ve got this in the bag and we know we can get through it. There’s no denying that this is tough for a lot of people, so if you need some support, please remember that we are only a phone call away for a virtual cuppa! And we mean it when we say you can call us if you need to chat.


So let’s see what has been making our team happy and keeping them busy over the last week…


Debbie and Rex–

“On the weekend just passed we brewed an Irish Guiness/Stout style beer.  The process was a lot more involved than previous brews.  

We had to steep black grains in hot water for 30 mins this was then strained into another pot to which we added dark dry malt brought to the boil,  added the hops and again steep for a further 20 mins, strain into the fermenter add 2 more lots of liquid malt and a liquid liquorice extract, top up with cold water before letting it cool and adding the yeast.

Quite looking forward to seeing how this one goes it is definitely a very dark colour and alot more viscose than previous brews.

Another lockdown fav of ours is to drag out a jigsaw puzzle or “Wasgij” as we like to do.

Feel free to share your projects and inspiration with us.”


Steph –

“My family and I have been findingways to stay busy and keep ourselves entertained while we stay at home.

This weekend, we tried something new and dehydrated pineapple slices to make pineapple flowers! We then made some vanilla cupcakes and topped these with our pineapple flowers. They looked beautiful and tasted even better! My 2 year old daughter, Frankie, loved pushing the dried slices into cupcake moulds to make the flower shape, and she really loved eating all the icing off the top of the cakes.

Our focus at home right now is to not try to do too much and to keep in mind that this time might be a bit of a write-off, but that’s ok. Mental health is more important than productivity, so making sure we are filling our days with the little things that make us happy (like cupcakes) is our priority.“

Troy –

“Just recently I purchased and moved into my first home. The settlement was on 28/05/21 so we moved in on the first weekend of lockdown. There were obviously some challenges with moving during lockdown, along with the usual new home problems to iron out, but nothing a bit of elbow grease (and a well-deservedbeer) couldn’t solve.

I’ve gone in 50/50 with an old mate to set up our own bachelor pad and while it lacks a bit of furniture at the moment, we’re looking forward to filling it out!“

We hope you've all enoyed seeing what we've been up to again while we're staying at home. Please let us know what you have been doing this week as well! We would love to hear from everyone again.

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