Things We Learnt While Working From Home

If you’ve been working from home during lockdown, you’ll know that it has both it’s advantages, and disadvantages. While Rex and I remained working from the office, the rest of the Claringbold team started working from home at the end of March, and we’re lucky that it was a pretty smooth transition for us.

Having just installed a new phone system which made calls between team members very easy and included a chat feature, we were able to still feel connected to one another, and we felt like were still very much working as a team.

One of our main priorities at Claringbold is to always make sure our clients are feeling supported, not just financially but personally as well. It’s been so lovely now that people have a little more time on their hands to have longer chats and mini catch ups at the same time as resolving any financial questions people have called through with. We hope this is something that will continue post-COVID!

We’ve really embraced the digital world to make sure our clients continue to receive a high level of service, and we love that some of clients have been able to take this opportunity to increase their tech skills and meet us for Zoom meetings. Some of our clients would have never heard of Zoom at the beginning of 2020, but now they’re hosting Zoom catch-ups with friends, getting involved in Zoom trivia nights and even taking classes online that would have previously only been offered face-to-face.

Adviser Narelle and Steph from the admin team talk about what it’s been like working from home for them:



“Working from home was enlightening, enjoyable and challenging.  Not having face to face contact with clients and work colleagues was definitely different, but I found it amazing how quickly we got used to new technology, situations and ways of working.  I definitely enjoyed less travel time and rush in the mornings – I was able to get out of bed ½ hour before my work day started instead of my normal 2 hours and I didn’t have to rush to get the children to school before heading to work.  It was also challenging, with 3 children being schooled at home sometimes the noise levels(music lessons, lunch breaks etc) made it difficult to communicate over the web or phone with business associates and clients. It was definitely an experience I feel like a learned a lot from!”



“At first, I was a little worried about working from home without having other team members sitting next to me to bounce ideas off and for support, but with Zoom,emails and our fancy new phone system I always felt like the rest of the team were never too far away. It’s really forced me to embrace the technology that has always been available to me, which was so interesting to learn about! The hardest thing was probably getting out of work mode at the end of the day.Normally you leave the office and (for most people) you can leave your work brain there, but when you’re working from your dining room table it’s a bit harder to switch off. I made sure to take a walk outside or water the garden at 5pm each day to help turn off my work brain. I think that was probably the biggest lesson I took from the experience, taking time out to make sure I switch off when I need to and to make more time for self-care.”


We’re now happy to report that we are back in the office. Having a large office space and a small team, we’re lucky that our team have been able to return to the office and still obey all social distancing guidelines and feel like they're in a safe working environment.

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