Lockdown Activities with the Claringbold Team

This month, we thought we would share what our team have been getting up to during the Melbourne lockdown. We know that it can be hard to keep busy and stay motivated when you can’t really leave the house, so we hope our activities can inspire you, and maybe provide a bit of an escape...

Ellie –

Finding new ways to spend my time during various stages of lockdown has been a challenging but important aspect to keeping my head clear and get through this difficult time.

A skill I have always wanted to possess is the ability to write in calligraphy so I decided now would be the perfect time to learn. I started by acquiring the necessary tools, a flexible tipped pen, and an acid free gridded notebook. A creative YouTuber I follow provided a free beginner modern calligraphy course to learn the basics behind the craft. Practice, patience and perfecting the fundamental drills is the essence behind calligraphy and my time spent with my pen has become quite meditative. I enjoyed my creative online learning so much that I also thought I would give a watercolour painting course a go.

Debbie –

Rex and I purchased a 1974 Millard caravan last year and have been slowly gutting and rebuilding the inside of the van. The outside was pretty good and just needed a clean and paint. Inside we pretty much pulled everything out and are rebuilding from scratch. I have also been covering cushions for the seats and making a crochet throw for the inside. This is a bit of a sentimental project for me as my family had Millard caravans and we enjoyed numerous holidays away in it - mostly in Queensland and every year down at Inverloch with family friends. A highlight at the moment is a delivery from Caravans plus and Bunnings so that we can get stuck in and finish the van ready to head off when we can.

Rex –

Debbie and I are renovating an old Millard caravan, which keeps us busy over the week-end. Another thing I’ve started doing is brewing beer. Right now I’m fermenting an Original Aussie Pale Ale. I store it in a fermenting vessel on a heat mat and wrap it in insulation to keep warm and let the yeast do its thing. In another week or two we’ll bottle this up, clean up our gear and brew the next batch - a pacific ale style beer for summer.

It’s very satisfying to have a sip of a great tasting beer that’s been home brewed!

Steph –

My biggest project this month has been spending lots of time in my vegetable garden. My partner built me a big hothouse last year and I’ve been slowly getting the hang of growing vegetables and fruit in it. I just planted some spring seeds (tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and capsicum to name a few!) and keeping it weed free always keeps me busy! The garden has been a lovely little haven through lockdown and it’s so nice that all of that hard work turns into food for my family. Plus my little girl Frankie loves going out and picking herself a snack!

Petrina –

All parents working from home are facing a new and special situation at the moment. I have two children,aged 2 and 4. We have no home schooling issue yet, but of course, the girls need attention and variation. We are still in a rather ‘chaotic’ mode, but day by day, the ‘home schedule’ is getting clearer. I am keeping things simple by structuring our days around getting out at lunch time with the girls for some fresh air,maintaining regular work hours and planning my days off first thing in the morning.

We would love to know how you have been passing this time in isolation! Feel free to send us an email and let us know!

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