How Much Money is Really Enough?

When we sit down with a client for the first time, we don’t just talk about money... As well as getting the ins and outs of your cashflow and investments sorted, we also want to know what kind of lifestyle you want to live in the immediate and not-so-immediate future. Do you want to travel? Do you want to learn new skills? Do you want to be spending more time with family? These are the things that will dictate how much money is enough for you.

According to research from Purdue University in the US (based on a study of 1.7M people in 164 countries), $159,000 is the optimal salary at which workers in Australia are happy. That’s great to know,but the money alone won’t bring you happiness. And what if you don’t earn$159,00 each year or you’re just not sure how to get the most out of your income?Well, this is where we come in…


Once we get to know you and understand the important things in your life, we can work together with you to make your wants and wishes a reality. We do this by mapping out your goals and what you value the most in life, and centering your financial plan around this. For example:

-         If you want to be spending more time with your family, how can you get to a point financially where you’re able to scale back the hours you spend at work?

-         If you want to travel, what do you need to do before you jet off, and how can you make sure your money is still working for you while you’re away?


The most important thing is taking a personal, practical and compassionate approach to map out a financial plan that works towards helping you achieve your goals. There are so many important lifestyle factors to consider when you’re trying to divvy up your income. To make sure your plan will work, prioritise the things in your life that give you purpose, can make you happy and are meaningful. Making a list of goals isn’t always easy but we believe that having purpose will really help you focus on the things that are important to you. This is something we help our clients determine.


So, instead of asking “How much money do I need?”ask yourself what you want your life to look like now and in the future and create your cash flow plan based on this.


If you need a little help with this, please feel free to call us on (03) 9801 7605 to organise an appointment with one of our experienced advisers. Your first appointment will be complimentary and you decide where to go from there.

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